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Another development in the hunt for Jeffery Settler's murderers. Michael Kane was taken into custody on charges of murder, after turning himself in at the U.S. border with Mexico.
County Government
On Jan 19, the planning commission will discuss environmental mitigations to the county’s proposed cannabis cultivation ordinances, possibly for the last time.
Recently people on social media have raised the alarm about a small gap, but the gap is a normal "expansion joint."
Heavy rains could cause slides around the county today.
The former Mendo deputy has been working as a deputy in Idaho, he was shot three times, but is said to be in good condition and recovering.
The Ukiah City Council will discuss the ice rink, storm damage, and a lawsuit at 6:00pm on January 18. At 8:00pm, the council and the Ukiah redevelopment successor agency will discuss a possible transfer of funds.
New fees for the cannabis cultivation program to include fees for applications, permits, inspections, 3rd party inspectors, and a Mendocino Sustainably Farmed certificate.
In the wake of Tom Woodhouse’s resignation, Johnny Pinches, Holly Madrigal, John Haschak, and Georgeanne Croskey are applying with the governor’s office for the position.


Can salmon and weed co-exist? The ERRP is working to make it so.

A local non-profit, devoted to restoring the Eel River, sketched out plans for the upcoming year.

Women’s marches planned for Mendo Jan.  21, day after inauguration

Post-inauguration marches are scheduled for cities around the world, including four in Mendo.

Video: Wintertime Precipitation in Mendo

Take a ride through the rain and snow!

Judge appoints receiver for Ukiah’s Palace Hotel

The Ukiah City Council declared the Palace Hotel a nuisance in 2011. In 2015, a judge directed the city and the property’s owner to consider mediation. Monday he appointed a receiver.

Democrats vote for delegates, expressing alarm and frustration

Local progressives, motivated by the recent presidential election, turned out in the rain to elect delegates to the California Democratic State Central Committee.

Ukiah mayors dream big and reflect on last year’s victories

Former Ukiah mayor Steve Scalmanini is pleased about a new crosswalk and a storage shed. New mayor Jim Brown hopes for resolution on “big ticket items.”


We'll be back on January 2.

Summary abatement of weed gardens could have a place in Mendo county code

A new chapter, specific to cannabis nuisances, contains language allowing multiple county departments to declare that pot is causing a nuisance.
Mendocino forest fog

Start off the New Year right with a hike!

Planned hikes, and a list of places to get outdoors.
Locals held up a sign showing how much has been divested from banks invested in the pipeline. Photo by Heidi Noatak Anton.

Videos: Locals divest more than quarter million from banks to support Standing Rock

The Dec. 21 divestment action is one of many events supporting Standing Rock in Mendocino this month.

A few of Ukiah’s homeless people talk about the new winter shelter.

On the longest night of the year, some of Ukiah’s homeless people talked to the Mendo Voice about their views on the new shelter and life on the streets.
Nishan Karassik of Phylos Bioscience (left) collected cannabis genetics from Kat Hart of Sohum Seeds and Chris Larson of Lost Coast Botanicals to add to the Phylos Galaxy-- an online, open-source three dimensional map of the lineage of each known strain. According to The Emerald Cup founder Tim Blake, all of this year's award winners will be added to the Phylos Galaxy.

Small growers face future at Emerald Cup: a special report

Emerald Cup wins embolden boutique cannabis farmers to continue down uncertain road to cannabis compliance - a special report from Kerry Reynolds.

Mendo planning commission holds second hearing on proposed cultivation ordinance

Growers and homeowners pled their cases, but there might not be an ordinance come spring.

Man arrested for alleged domestic violence, and threats over reporting the incident (press release)

Jimmy Hendry was arrested for allegedly domestic battery, and then for allegedly threatening his wife to keep her from reporting the initial incident.

Squatters arrested after extended stay (press release)

The pair had allegedly been staying in a home for three months.

Memorial for Shelley Falkenberg to be held Dec. 17

A memorial will be held on December 17 for Shelley Falkenberg, beloved mother, daughter, partner and friend to a great many in the community. A mass will...

VIDEOS: Mendo Voice road trip

Check out our county road trips and let us know what you'd like to see!

Native American heritage celebration: healing and tradition

A Native American heritage celebration emphasized healing, prayer, and traditional practices.

Local homeless people share a few words about sleeping outside

Three homeless people took the time last week to talk about survival.





OPINION: Mental Health Advisory Board supports AG

Dear Editor: At the Mendocino County Behavioral Health Advisory Board meeting on October 19, 2016, an open public discussion was held by the Board Members...

OPINION: A letter in support of Supervisor Woodhouse from Sonya Nesch

Letter to the Editor Without Supervisor Woodhouse, Mendocino County Mental Health would still be wallowing in their cesspool with Ortner, and pouring much of the...
Drop off your mail-in ballot in this traffic circle box at 501 Low Gap Road in Ukiah or at any polling location around the county.

OPINION: A response to ‘fear and loathing’, Yes on AF

A letter to the editor in response to Mike Sweeney’s "fear and loathing" commentary, by Jon Degallier.
Drop off your mail-in ballot in this traffic circle box at 501 Low Gap Road in Ukiah or at any polling location around the county.

OPINION: Mike Sweeney’s fear and loathing of the ballot

In which the argument against AF goes gonzo.

OPINION: Yes on AF, a letter from former Willits mayor Holly Madrigal

Willits City Councilperson Holly Madrigal writes about why she's supporting AF.


Willits City Council to discuss cannabis regulations Jan. 11, full agenda included

Cannabis discussion goes before new council members, plus other agenda items.

Supes to talk pot and retirement at tomorrow’s board meeting

BoS will dive into the nitty-gritty of of inspection and application fees, and hear an actuarial analysis of the county employees’ retirement fund.

Small Farmers Association board alleges improprieties, resigns en masse

Board members allege misappropriation of funds, and deception from a key employee.


Comida, flores, calveras y conciencia social en la celebración de Dia de los Muertos

UKIAH — La celebración del Día de los Muertos en el Eagles Nest en Mendocino College el 2 de noviembre fue una explosión visual...

Para Salsas, Las Mexicanas…

WILLITS - Es cierto que el chile dulce existe en México y que se usa en platillos originarios del país.  Pero es indiscutible que...

Ensalada de Atún

Durante toda la fiesta la Señora se mantiene con el pie al cañón vigilando tanto a la hija como al nuevo galán.
tamales hechos a mano

Receta de Tamales Oaxaqueños

La receta completa de uno tamales oaxaqueños deliciosos.