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Mendocino Supervisors

Mendocino Supervisors

Special mental health meetings: BHAB and county supervisors (press release)

Have an opinion about the county's mental health services? The public is encouraged to attend two meetings this month.

Supes to talk pot and retirement at tomorrow’s board meeting

BoS will dive into the nitty-gritty of of inspection and application fees, and hear an actuarial analysis of the county employees’ retirement fund.

Summary abatement of weed gardens could have a place in Mendo county code

A new chapter, specific to cannabis nuisances, contains language allowing multiple county departments to declare that pot is causing a nuisance.

Negotiations over county garbage rates heat up

An ad hoc committee will try to work out a deal with Solid Waste of Willits.

Assemblyman Wood addressed Supes, talked broadband, legalization limbo

California Assembly Member Jim Wood spoke to the supes yesterday about legislative accomplishments, goals, and each supe’s top priorities.