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Mar. 25, 2017



Hopland tribe and cannabis company file claim against county over raid

The tribe is claiming that the county unlawfully destroyed medical cannabis plants.

Man who allegedly shot at Round Valley tribal officer in custody; officer was not...

The incident took place on the Round Valley Reservation. The suspect allegedly fired a round of birdshot at a tribal police officer. The officer was not harmed. After fleeing the suspect is now in custody.

Sheriff restarts zip-tie program; number of plants allowed unclear

In a press release the sheriff's office announced that they would resume selling zip-ties. The release made no mention of the what the plant limit is.

Final suspect caught in Settler killing; Gary Louis Blank arrested in New Jersey

The seventh and final suspect in the killing of Jeffrey Settler has been apprehended in New Jersey. Mendocino County officials are traveling to NJ to begin the extradition process.
Cannabis in a light dep greenhouse.

Letter halting zip-ties sent to growers Friday, legality of grows larger than 25 plants...

Without making any formal announcement, and without notifying all of the county supervisors, the sheriff’s office sent a letter sometime last week that appears to suspend substantial portions of the most recent set of rules for cannabis cultivation.