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Here at the Mendocino Voice we’d really like information to be free, but we also have to keep the lights on and the servers running. So we’re asking you to sign up as a member.

We’re not going to put up a pay-wall, but it would go a long ways towards bootstrapping independent media in the county if you signed up for a subscription.

In the future we will offer special perks to our members like cool t-shirts, and free tickets to talks and lectures. But for now it’s kind of the honor system, if you read our paper please pay for it. We work hard to deliver these stories, and we can’t do it for free.

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And, if you’re feeling really generous, or really enjoy our coverage of county news, try the Ben Franklin plan — it’s the equivalent of $1 a day (cheaper than a candy bar, or a New York Times, and easier on your teeth), and the original American printer and newspaperman would be proud.

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Finally, for the people who really want to chip in for local media, there’s the Joseph Pulitzer on Layaway plan. We’re not promising that we’ll win that Pulitzer this year, but with your help we’ll pay for it on layaway.

And just to throw it out there, if you’ve done so many drugs you can’t remember what money is, or why it matters, go ahead and sign up for the $100/month Hunter S. Thompson Membership, the lizard people will thank you.

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