Slew of car accidents across Mendo (update)

Slew of car accidents across Mendo (update)


PLEASE NOTE: You can check current updates of CHP incidents at their incident report page here. Reports in Mendocino County north of Highway 101 and Commercial Street in Willits are listed under the CHP “Humboldt” pull-down tab and marked as “Garberville” area on the incident list. South of Highway 101 and Commercial Street in Willits are listed under the “Ukiah” pull down tab. Please be careful on the roads out there!

UPDATE: 2:00pm

There is an overturned big rig on the 20 on the way to Clearlake, may be blocking lanes, does not appear to have been cleared.

Another vehicle went off the road on the 20 to the coast at about mile marker 20 around 1:40pm with two occupants inside. The car slid 15 feet off an embankment, but there appears to be no injuries.

The 128 to the coast remains closed at near the intersection of Highway 1.

UPDATE 12:20pm

The morning of car accidents has turned into an afternoon of sirens and rescues.

There has been an accident on Hwy. 20 near the Lake Co. line.

Another accident on Hwy. 20 in the middle of the Jackson Forest.

And an accident on the Ridgewood Grade.

We will continue, to update.

ORIGINAL 11:30am:

WILLITS — There has been a crash on Hwy. 20, scanner traffic indicates that it is a “vehicle vs. tree.” Several local departments have responded, including Little Lake Fire and the California Highway Patrol.

Initially the Howard Forest copter was sent, but scanner chatter indicates that there is a single patient, the vehicle is off the road, and the copter has been canceled. We are continuing to update.

The patient is being transported to Howard Memorial.

The scanner seemed to indicate that the accident happened at about mile marker 20, but there was some noise.


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  1. If you folks are going to continue printing old news (i.e., from weeks ago) then at least include a DATE of the article instead of simply printing “Update: 2:00 PM”. For example, how is the reader supposed to know if Highway XX is open or closed if you don’t tell us what precise day of the month you are talking about?

    • We are not reprinting old news. When we first started this paper in September 2016 we used different software that put the date in the articles, then we switched software. So there are a few articles from the first two months that now do not have dates, but you can see the date in the url — this one says 11/16. Everything after that has a date in the article.