UPDATED: Standing Rock events in Willits and Laytonville 12/14, plus ongoing meetings

Meetings tonight in Willits and Laytonville, plus upcoming events.

Photo from a "Laytonville Stands with Standing Rock" meeting, shared by Atta Stevenson on Facebook.
Photo from a “Laytonville Stands with Standing Rock” meeting, shared by Atta Stevenson on Facebook.

UPDATED 12/16/16: We’ve added upcoming meetings in Laytonville, an event in Ukiah on Dec. 21, and how to get donations to caravans leaving soon. Some events are being posted at this “Mendo NoDAPL” website. More event details included below.

MENDOCINO Co. 12/14/16 — More events around Mendocino County have been scheduled for locals to share information and coordinate support actions for the “water protectors” camped out at Standing Rock, in North Dakota, near the construction of the Dakota Access Pipeline. This week, there are events taking place in Willits and Laytonville to share information and raise funds for the campers, including one at the Willits Library tonight, Wednesday Dec. 14. We’ll be updating this list as more events are scheduled or as more information becomes available, some larger events are being planned for next week. More details are listed below.

Caravans of Mendocino residents have been traveling to Standing Rock over the last several months, and these groups are often coordinating to bring supplies and financial donations to the campers there. More information, including drop-off points around the county for donations, updates from Mendocino residents currently at Standing Rock, and news reports about ongoing developments at the camps can be found at the “Mendo Stands for Standing Rock” Facebook group and the “Laytonville Stands for Standing Rock” Facebook group. An email list of local updates, “mendonodaplsolidarity,” can be contacted at [email protected].

We also recommend checking out local reporter Will Parrish’s article on “Standing Together: Northern California tribe join Standing Rock Sioux” in the East Bay Bohemian.

WILLITS – Wednesday, Dec. 14, Event from 6:30pm – 8:30pm, at Willits Library, 390 East Commercial Street, Willits. (some listings have said 7pm). A local “water protector, longtime water rights activist Atta will be speaking.” Donations are being collected to send with locals who are traveling to Standing Rock next week, and should be collected before Dec. 19. Cash and gift cards are preferred donations to save room in the vehicle and so that material donations/supplies go towards immediate needs (instead of duplicating items that may no longer be needed). More information will be posted soon about how to contact the organizers.

WILLITS – Thursday, Dec. 22. Event starts at 6:30pm at Brickhouse Coffee, 3 South Main Street, Willits. “Together We Stand,” a benefit for Standing Rock, featuring music by Richard Jeske and Friends, Verne Morninglight, and Chris Cichacki. Poetry by W.J. Ray, Linda Noel, Dan Roberts, and Mary Nobert Korte. Suggested donation $10.

LAYTONVILLE – Meeting on Wednesday, Dec. 21 at 5pm, at the Long Valley Garden Club, 375 Harwood Road.

(previous) Meeting on Wednesday, Dec. 14 at 5pm, at the Long Valley Garden Club, 375 Harwood Road. The group will be coordinating donations of supplies with two groups heading to Standing Rock in the next week, and planning a benefit for January. Coordinator Hannah Haas writes:

“Homemade flavorful vegetarian TAMALES are anticipated to be present! Our last two meetings have been great successes. Our immediate focus is on raising money for the upcoming trips to Standing Rock by two of our Local Water Protectors, and we are asking for very specific items requested by Water Protectors in ND. Our Water Protectors are leaving Laytonville 12/17 and 12/20. Informed connected people on the ground with up-to-date needs from the camps is presently our solidarity solution. Massive post backlogs are making it difficult to ship supplies in a timely manner. Do not mail any personalized packages at this time. This upcoming weds the 14th we Aim to send off our Water Protectors with blessings and to strategize on our next moves: benefit in January, finalizing mission statement… Other Laytonville meetings beyond 12/14 are NOT-YET scheduled. Check FB LaytonvilleNODAPL for immediate updates.

list of critical needs:

Galvanized buckets, metal scoopers and fire tongs for managing fires/stoves.

Welding gloves that go up to elbow to protect against burns

Leather stove gloves

Heavy duty zero rated gloves

Insulated boots of any size

Heavy socks, wicking socks

Insulated caps/ hats

Vacuum sealed dried medicinal herbs (not marijuana)

Heat rolls to insulate water tanks

Water tanks

Snow sleds

Snow mobiles

Camps need reliable trucks to leave camp to pick up supplies

We are looking locally for trucks to make trips out loaded with supplies

Other than mentioned above please NO MORE CLOTHES!”!  

Please feel free to direct interested volunteers to new Dedicated Long Valley Standing Rock email [email protected]

Flyer for the "Defund DAPL" event in Ukiah on Dec. 21.
Flyer for the “Defund DAPL” event in Ukiah on Dec. 21.

UKIAH – On going meetings on Mondays at 5:30pm, at the Mendocino Environmental Center, 106 W. Standley St. in Ukiah.

UKIAH – Wednesday, December 21, 2016, 12pm – 3pm at Alex Thomas Plaza in downtown Ukiah. “Defund DAPL Day of Action (and Holiday Gathering).” Here’s a statement from the organizers:

“Investments from Wells Fargo, Chase, and Bank of America fuel construction of the Dakota Access Pipeline.  Join us as we keep the pressure on these banks to divest their financial support. If you have an account with one of these banks, this is the ideal time to withdraw your funds and close your account.
We will be led in a prayer, hear inspiring speakers, and then march to the banks carrying a giant black snake (which we will be-head as a ritual to conclude the event). We will share special holiday carols at a bank of our choice.
If you plan to withdraw money or close an account, please see our online “Pledge to Divest/Withdraw” at https://mendonodapl.wordpress.com/ or contact [email protected] with your name, contact info, and which bank you are divesting from. Here’s the link to the Facebook page.


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