Want a rescue dog? The Mendo Animal Shelter needs your help

Volunteers ask for help preventing overcrowding during the current quarantine.


MENDOCINO Co., 1/7/17 — Ever consider adopting an animal? The Mendocino Animal Shelter needs your help! The shelter recently took in 29 animals from three different addresses, and the facilities are now overcrowded. A recent outbreak of the highly contagious Parvo virus, detected Dec. 30, has put the shelter under a two week plus quarantine, but with so many animals being housed there, shelter volunteers are asking for immediate assistance with temporary fosters and adoptions in order to fully decontaminate the facilities, protect the health of the current animals at the shelter, and re-open to the public, say volunteers.

Mercury, a dog at the county's Animal Shelter.
Mercury, a dog at the county’s Animal Shelter.

Finding immediate rescue homes from the animals will prevent further outbreaks of infectious diseases. Parvo can be easily prevented with the proper vaccines, but one dog has already died from the most recent outbreak and the shelter does not have facilities that allow for full isolation. Staff are continuing to care for the dogs during the outbreak, but they will not be allowed out of their cages during the quarantine to prevent infection. All lost dogs arriving at the shelter will be kept in the outside dog areas as space permits, but crowding is currently a problem. The shelter is not expected to re-open to the public in the dog areas before January 13.

You can read more of our recent coverage about the current parvo outbreak here and here. We talked with a Willits vet during the shelter’s previous outbreak and you can read more about parvovirus and how to prevent it here.

Margie, a dog at the county's Animal Shelter.
Margie, a dog at the county’s Animal Shelter.

If you have been considering adopting an animal, the shelter needs your help now! Shelter volunteers are also looking for people who may be able to assist with temporary foster homes while the shelter is decontaminated. If you don’t have room for more furry friends in your life, the non-profit Mendocino Shelter Pets Rescue is also soliciting monetary donations. “All donations are used 100% toward saving dogs from being euthanized,” say volunteers. You can also visit the website for more info on how you can help, or send an email to: [email protected].

Here’s a message from today, Jan. 7.

We need your help! After the parvo outbreak at the shelter, the shelter has decided that in order to clean properly, they need to RAPIDLY REDUCE THE POPULATION. Dogs have to exit the shelter! We received emails from shelter staff asking for IMMEDIATE HELP getting dogs out of the shelter. In order to ensure that as many lives are saved as possible, NOW is the time for our community to get involved. If you or someone you know has been thinking of adopting, please have them send us an email at [email protected] or message us here.Mendoshelterpets.com Dogs are still on a Parvo quarantine, however with rescue commitment these pets can be pulled and placed into loving forever homes or committed foster homes.

The time is NOW! Tell your friends, tell your neighbors, tell your coworkers, tell the person in line next to you at the grocery store. Your help is needed. Now lets get to work! #RescueWorks #GetInvolved#CommunityInvolvement

Can’t take a dog? Please donate so that we can pull more.
Please DONATE here: paypal.me/mendopetrescue

You can see more of the animals available for fostering or adopting by clicking on the post below or visiting the shelter’s website. There are also other dogs not pictured; if you are looking for a particularly breed or age please contact Mendo Shelter Pet Rescue volunteers.

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