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MENDOCINO CO., 2/3/17 — Here at The Mendocino Voice, we want to bring you all the news you can use about what’s going on around the county. But since we’re just getting started and have a small staff, we can’t always get to every meeting or community event to get you the inside scoop. So while we’re working on building our time-travel-teleporter, we’ve decided to update our calendar to make it even easier to see what’s going on in the county: http://www.mendovoice.com/Calendar/.

Worried your flyer is getting lost in the thicket? Check out our new calendar and submit your event!
Worried your flyer is getting lost in the thicket? Check out our new calendar and submit your event!

Want to know what’s going on this weekend? Want to get the word out about your upcoming event, but don’t want to drive all around putting up flyers? You should check it out! We’ve added several new features we think will make life easier for everyone’s schedule, whether you’re a fun-seeker, a government policy nerd, or a event organizer.

Here’s the overview:

  1. You can sort events by type! Look at everything at once, or check out the following categories to fit all your event desires: INLAND, COAST, GOVERNMENT MEETINGS, COMMUNITY EVENTS, ARTS/CULTURE, and CANNABIS. Some events will be listed in multiple categories, but you can click on each one to make sure you have all the important details. There’s also room to check out the posters!
  2. Have an event you’re organizing? We’ve made it easier than ever to submit your event: Just fill out the relevant details, including how we can contact you (in case of submission questions), upload your poster/flyer/photo, and pick which categories you want to be listed in! It’s that simple. We’ll approve submissions daily, so your listing will be seen by our readers around the county and region right away. And you’ll be able to share the event listing with an link as soon as it’s up! What could be easier?

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  1. Yeah! This is very much needed. I hope to see the calendar filled in more than it is. I am interested in knowing about events my grandchildren will enjoy. I need to know a few months in advance so I can plan for their overnight stays. (Will I have them stay in June, July or August?) I hope the word gets out and folks will send in their information to you.