Reports of multiple armed subjects north of Laytonville

According to the scanner deputies and CHP officers have been dispatched. We'll be updating.


UPDATE 5/30/17: The MCSO has put out a press release on this incident, for the full story follow the link:

Police are searching for suspects in Laytonville weed theft

UPDATE 9:10pm: Information from sources in the area are reporting that the law enforcement activity was likely due to an attempted robbery or trespassing at what has been called a compliant cannabis farm, but this has not been confirmed. Mendocino County Sheriff’s Office has been contacted for additional information but they have not yet responded — it is a holiday.

UPDATE: 2:40pm: We’ve received some new info on the developing situation near Rattlesnake Summit, north of Laytonville, where scanner traffic has indicated that there maybe be several armed subjects, and police have responded. (Scroll down for the original post)

Via Kym Kemp of Redheaded Blackbelt, David Jeffreys, a RHB reader states that he passed through the area at about 1:40pm, and spotted a few clusters of law enforcement cars. He reports that, “The pull out on the Northbound side of the 101 just north of the hunt ranch entrance had to CHP and two Sheriff’s.”

Across the highway he spotted three more sheriff’s vehicles and one other official car. He also reported two sheriff’s vehicles passing through Laytonville with sirens on, between 1pm and 1:40pm.

Jeffreys was also kind and insightful enough to send a long an image of a Google map with the locations pinned.

This area is about 7.25 miles north of Laytonville:

Courtesy of David Jeffreys, a map of the area where scanner traffic has indicate there are armed subjects.

MENDOCINO Co., 5/29/17 — According to scanner chatter there are reports of multiple armed suspects near Rattlesnake summit, north of Laytonville. Sheriffs deputies and CHP have been dispatched as of about 12:30pm.

The quote from the scanner is: “Reports from S.O. of multiple subjects armed, holed up in the woods near rattlesnake summit.”

We’ll continue to update as the situation develops.

The following is from our colleagues at Mendocino Sports Plus:

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  1. Thank you for your positive thoughts about the first responders. Seems that some folks are so interested in “Breaking News”, that they fail to remember that this news entertainment they are reading is actually because we have men and women who are working on a National Holiday, facing armed and dangerous thugs in the woods. I appreciate you thinking of these peace keepers who help keep our county safe 24/7.

    • Can you provide any additional information about what’s going on? We are receiving requests for information from concerned residents in the area.

  2. Kudos response team. And to others I ask please act rationally and give basic security on your marijuana ventures more serious consideration if you can. As a long time Sohum resident (1978) I can speak from sad evpierience when I say that no matter how safe a situation appears ,in this business, it only takes one mistake, one moment of inattention ,one bad call, to turn a business meeting into a terrifing fight for survival. Please keep in mind that to millions of people 2-3 thousand dollars is more than reason to lie, cheat, assault, and even kill. Be trusting, be ire, look on the positive side, but be careful too please , no amount of pot is worth a human life Thanks..