Weed raids in north Mendo today

No MCSO vehicles have been spotted.


MENDOCINO Co., 7/31/17 — Kym Kemp at our sister paper is reporting that raids are taking place in north Mendocino County today, near Confusion Hill. Kemp notes that there is a wood chipper and, “two Fish and Wildlife trucks, a California Highway Patrol, eight unmarked vehicles, and a helicopter towing officers on a line are working near Bear Pen Road and Hwy 271 just north of Confusion Hill.”

Notably no vehicles marked as belonging to the Mendocino County Sheriff’s Office were visible. It’s unclear what agency is spearheading the raid.

Here is the article from Redheaded Blackbelt.

Confusion hill is on Hwy. 101, at the very north end of the county, only a few miles from the Humboldt line.

Check out our reporting on a raid that happened on the Sherwood Rancheria near Willits, last week.

COMMET raids Sherwood Rancheria, DEA and BIA involved

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  1. Hey Mendo voice we saw those Lear guys in camo by the Peg house right after the raids were done, one of my buddies who lives in Pearcy saw them they must be working with the cops we know for a fact this isn’t the first time Lear security has worked with the sherif what’s up with that are our taxes paying for security raiding crops too that’s bs!

  2. At $950 per hour plus 25 deputies or more, The Mendoza Voice has disclosed the true amount that these clandestine paramilitary raids are costing our county taxpayers at a time the entire state is in full support of Complete Legalization. Let”s not forget that Allman has singled out the poorest and most oppressed people in our county, our Native American Residents who are survivors of over 150 years of County and State sanctioned genocide.
    Shame on Tom Allman and the entire Mendoza Sheriff Department for continuing to oppress and harass these tribes who have suffered so much at the hands of our local government and sheriff department. Shame in you Tom!