Mendo County makes major change in weed permit process

Cannabis cultivation applicants will now begin their permit journey in the building department.


MENDOCINO Co., 8/15/17 — Mendocino County has announced a major change in the cannabis cultivation permitting process — farmers are now being told to begin the process of getting permitted at the Department of Planning and Building Services, rather than in the Agriculture Department.

The change was announced Tuesday afternoon in a press release, which states that all changes are effective immediately. Previously applicants had begun in the Ag Department, and were sometimes forced to bounce around from department to department. The press release states that the county hopes that these changes will help to streamline the process.

The details of the change can be read in the press release below:


On August 8, 2017, the County of Mendocino Board of Supervisors directed county staff to streamline the cannabis compliance permitting process. Effective immediately applicants will start the process at the Department of Planning and Building Services for applicant site plan review including a zoning clearance.

Applicants will receive a signed initial application review checklist that they will take to the Department of Agriculture. After proof of prior cultivation, applicants will take the checklist to the Treasurer’s Office to pay a non-refundable application fee.

Lastly, applications will be accepted for processing and an Affidavit for cultivation pursuant to Chapter 10A.17 will be issued.

“Starting the application process with the Department of Planning and Building Services will allow the County and cultivators to identify & address any potential issues immediately; I believe this will greatly assist those who are in need of clarification or assistance with site plans and zoning, reducing staff processing time”, commented Mendocino County Agricultural Commissioner Diane Curry.

For all information and resources related to the County’s Cannabis Cultivation Program, please call 1-844-421-WEED or the Executive Office at (707) 463-4441 or visit:

Released by:

Carmel J. Angelo Chief Executive Officer

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