Letter to the editor: Alan Rodier candidate for District Five supervisor

Letter to the editor: Alan Rodier candidate for District Five supervisor

In which Rodier lays out his vision for Mendocino.


To the Editor:

My Mission: Common sense prosperity for Mendocino County

Economic Development

Mendocino County is a magnificent place to live and work. We are on a new horizon with development in our county. Not only are businesses becoming stronger and more demand for numerous new technical products, we have a doorway opening for common sense development. Jobs are needed and businesses are needed to add markets to our local economy. Housing is needed to provide the people to live. This picture looks favorable for the future.

How can Mendocino County prosper? We need forward thinking and imaginative planning. Our traditional businesses have flourished in the past. Why not have flourishing business now? Lumber, vineyard, pears, and cattle are businesses still viable. We can lure new business and give them reasons to be here, providing a strong economic environment. Mendocino County needs to look to businesses that might want to come here. We need to make it favorable for them.

We now have a new cannabis industry that is a perfect fit for our county. Let’s treat this new industry favorably, with room to grow and operate.

Many other factors for our economy include maintaining the coastal activities for fishing, crabbing, and other ocean production.

Also there is tourism. There are thousands of people that visit our county each year. As a community effort, we should make it a wonderful place to visit. We want them to come back.

Let’s move forward to allow Mendocino to prosper.

Respectively submitted,

Alan Rodier
Candidate for 5th District, Mendocino County

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