We’re doing a “Meet the Candidate” video series

Here's a comprehensive list of a our candidate video interviews.


The Mendocino Voice is conducting a series of “meet the candidate” video interviews with the various candidates in the supervisorial races this year. We hope this series will help our readers better understand their candidates for the Mendocino County Board of Supervisors. (Scroll down for the list of videos)

Supervisor districts

You’ll find more of our election coverage here.

The 2018 California primary election will be held June 5. You can register to vote in the primary up until May 21, and register online here. To vote in Mendocino County you must be a U.S. citizen and live in Mendocino County.

Here are the videos of the candidates we’ve interviewed so far:

“Meet the Candidate,” Ted Williams, running for District 5 supervisor

“Meet the Candidate” Cyndee Logan, running for District 3 Supervisor

“Meet the Candidate,” John Haschak, running for District 3 supervisor

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Our dissemination of any campaign materials, links and interviews does not constitute an endorsement. We are making a concerted attempt to provide campaign information and interviews on all the candidates.

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