Undersheriff Randy Johnson will retire this month

His last day is set for March 25.


MENDOCINO Co., 3/6/18 — Mendocino County Sheriff’s Office Undersheriff Randy Johnson, 55, will be retiring at the end of the month. After 30 years in law enforcement, and 17 with the MCSO, March 25 will be Johnson’s last day. It is unknown who will replace him.

Johnson explained that he hit his 30 year mark in Jan. and that after some many years in a high stress job, “It’s just important to maintain my health and I’ve got 30 years in. And it’s time for some new blood and new decisions.” He added that he would aid in the transition for whomever is appointed next to the position, and help “get them up to speed.”

As to what he’ll do next, said Johnson, “I have a lot of knowledge that I’ve acquired and developed over the years, so I’ll probably do some consulting.”

The position of undersheriff is appointed by the sheriff, who has latitude to appoint from within the department or outside. Discussing who the sheriff might pick next, Johnson said, “What’s normal is for the sheriff to pick someone he can rely on to be a confident, and to work with on a one on one basis. So I don’t know that there is a normal, sometimes it’s within the department, sometimes it’s not.”

“It’s a high pressure job, and it’s not healthy for somebody to stay in long term…especially when you’re short on staffing, because the undersheriff ends up doing a lot of work that would usually be done by other command staff,” said Johnson. “The undersheriff position is not a job that you want for the long term, because we’ve had a many undersheriffs that have gone out in the past for medical reasons — because of the constant stress.”

He pointed out that the MCSO used to have seven lieutenants but that they now have four.

Prior to working with the MCSO Johnson spent 12 and a half years at the Ukiah Police Department.

By Adrian Fernandez Baumann, [email protected]

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