All of the Mendo Voice’s computers were stolen, and it slowed us down a bit

Our computers, and other electronics were stolen when one of our cars was broken into.


MENDOCINO Co., 3/6/18 — Sometimes when you operate on a shoestring budget, the shoestring snaps. Earlier this week our editor’s car was broken into and our computers, along with several other items — including recording equipment and several months worth of article notes — were stolen. We don’t have desktop computers, so everything we use to get you the news (except our phones) was taken.

Since then we’ve been an online newspaper without computers. Ours is a small operation, and the loss of these vital tools created a several day long pause in our work. We had to scramble to deal with insurance, that hopefully will cover new computers and to replace car windows. In the meantime we’ve borrowed one computer and rehabilitate an old decrepit one, and we’re now getting back on track.

But this little hiccup has delayed several stories, and set us back on our heels. And for that we apologize to our readers. For the last 18 months, we’ve been trying to provide you with the kind of independent news we think Mendo deserves on that shoestring budget, but this theft has forced us to hit pause — though we hope to be back up to full steam by Friday.

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You can make a one time contribution, or sign up as a monthly subscriber at the amount if your choosing (and receive some cool perks once we’re back at it). If you’re a local business, we have some great ways for you to advertise emailing [email protected]. We have big plans to continue our coverage of the news that’s important to Mendonesians, so anything helps. And thanks so much to our current subscribers and those that have supported us so far — we’ve got some special ways to show our appreciation coming soon. If you can’t make a financial contribution, giving us a good review on Facebook, etc., signing up for our newsletter, or just telling your friends about us helps too. We’ve published over a thousand articles since we started, and we hope to bring you many thousands more. You can still reach us at [email protected].

Thanks for reading,

Kate B. Maxwell, Publisher
A.F. Baumann, Managing Editor

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  1. I am very sorry to hear about your setback!

    Honestly, I am a bit disappointed in our community. How is it that this story has been viewed 290 times over 6 days and I am the first person to comment.

    The Mendocino Voice is a vital asset to our community!

    Please share this page with others; and I f financially possible, make a small donation towards sustaining and independent voice for our community.

    • Thanks Randy, we appreciate your support! Our readers make it all worth it. We did receive some comments and contributions from our Facebook page but everything helps! Thanks again for reading.