Take the poll: Who do you want to be District 3 supe?

Take the poll: Who do you want to be District 3 supe?

Vote in our poll for District 3 supervisor. Who do you support?


MENDOCINO Co., 5/4/18 — Curious who’s leading in the Mendocino County supervisorial races? Well we’ve made a poll to try and find out. This poll  is just about the District 3 supervisorial race, but we plan to do more of these if this one is successful. Also, the more people who vote, the more accurate it gets, so share it on Facebook and Twitter, or just tell someone about it.

It’s  very quick and embedded right below, so just push the button and tell us who you think should represent the Third District for the next four years.

You’ll see the current results at the end of the poll, and we’ll publish the full results in two days.

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  1. It was hard to contribute to this poll. The website it confusing and jerked me around . I really had to work on it being taken back and forth repeatedly. Not “user friendly”