Ryan convicted of manslaughter for killing of DeShaun Davis

Ryan convicted of manslaughter for killing of DeShaun Davis

Ryan, 63, killed Davis, 20, a year and a half ago. His sentence carries the possibility of up to 21 years in prison.


MENDOCINO Co., 5/11/18 – Steven Ryan was convicted of manslaughter in the killing of De’Shaun Davis today, in Mendocino Superior Court. The jury deliberated about a day and a half and returned the verdict this afternoon. The jury declined to convict Ryan, 63 of Ukiah, of murder in the first degree, or murder in the second, but found him guilty of the lesser charge of voluntary manslaughter. The trial last only four days, and was presided over by judge John Behnke, and prosecuted by District Attorney David Eyster.

The victim De’Shaun Davis, from his Facebook page.

On Nov. 21, 2016, 20 year old De’Shaun Davis was rummaging through a dumpster near, but not next to, Ryan’s home, which he rented. Ryan exited his house, and after a brief verbal confrontation killed Davis. Ryan shot three times and hit Davis twice, at a distance of about 65 feet, with a handgun. Davis never came closer that 63 feet to Ryan, during the shooting. After the first shot, Davis sank to his knees, after which Ryan proceeded shoot twice more.

When the police arrived Ryan claimed self-defense.

The charge for which he has been convicted carries a potential sentence of up to 21 years. The sentencing hearing is scheduled for June 15, at 9 a.m. at the Ukiah courthouse, and is open to the public.

Steven Patrick Ryan, 62, from his Nov. 22 Sheriff's booking log entry. Ryan is accused of the homicide of 20 year old De'Shaun Davis.
Steven Ryan, pictured here, was convicted of manslaughter for killing De’Shaun Davis.

By Adrian Fernandez Baumann, [email protected]

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  1. Da’shawn was my nephew and even though the conviction may carry 21 yrs. It sickens me to know it’s not murder wen u shoot an unarmed youngman.. RIP D’ .LUV AND MISS U VERY MUCH .. 🙏💔😭..AUNTIE TONNETTA..