Casey O’Neill: An open letter to law enforcement (opinion)


One thought on “Casey O’Neill: An open letter to law enforcement (opinion)

  1. I am confounded. On one hand I want to say “Thanks for saying that! You are a cool bro.” But on the other hand I know that the permitted grows are paying -through their fees- into a fund mandated to wipe out their unpermitted neighbors. So I read the subtext as “don’t use military force! Just send the building department out and fine them into oblivion…those neighbors of mine who didn’t comply and get a permit like me.” Because…let’s face it- the permitted farms are the ones who have justified the sending of the police or inspectors, etc into the neighborhoods. Yes- we pretty much all want the terrible environmentally damaging mega-grows shut down. But just behind them are all the righteously-growing mom and pops who must also be eradicated. Because that’s what the permit farms are paying for…

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