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Jun. 24, 2017

Cannabis Policy

Cannabis Policy
Board of Supervisors

Farmers fear regulatory creep

Small food producers worry that cannabis regulations may affect their ability to continue farming.
The post from Braggadoon Fine Art and Design.

What did the lawyer say to the sign shop owner? We don’t know yet,...

Fort Bragg sign shops starts making weed-application-in-process signs.

Mendo executive office makes formal statement on cannabis cultivation program

We get into some details and reaction in this article. The county also set up a hotline to call with any reefer related questions, 1-844-421-WEED (9333).

Recent raids force cannabis compliance talks within county gov.

A statement from the Mendocino County Executive Office on medical cannabis cultivation procedures is expected today.

Cannabis business licenses head to Planning Commission

Board directs staff to “enhance the cottage industry”