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Jun. 24, 2017


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Board of Supervisors

Farmers fear regulatory creep

Small food producers worry that cannabis regulations may affect their ability to continue farming.
a cannabis plant

Playing by the rules: cannabis taxes and fees (opinion)

Jim Shields from the Observer looks at the costs of compliance.
Photo from the Lake Co. Sheriff's Office

COMMET assists with Lake Co. cannabis raid: 45k plants, 186 lbs, 6 arrests

The County of Mendocino Marijuana Eradication Team and the California National Guard Drug Task Force assisted Lake County Sheriff's in the execution of two warrants.

Man kills girlfriend’s ex-husband in Point Arena shoot-out; deceased charged with attempted murder (press...

The deceased was charged with attempted homicide after threatening his estranged wife and forcing his way into a residence.

County “Track and trace” workshops for growers and canna-biz held June 14 & 15

The public is invited to workshops around the county that explain how to participate in Mendo's pilot program.