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Apr. 29, 2017

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The attorney in the case against AI, the voter-approved initiative taxing medical cannabis cultivators, declared that he will take the case to the court of appeals.
Law enforcement will be checking to make sure that people driving on the road are locals -- requesting proof such as ID, a mailed bill with an address, or a work order. Be advised.
Before a packed house, the supervisors hammered out a few more details about the proposed medical cannabis cultivation ordinance. They could make a final decision by March 7.
Board of Supervisors
Code compliance, track and trace, and management of the Ukiah Valley’s groundwater basin are on the docket this week. Also crowd control sound cannons.
A persistent slide has once again closed the road.
You can now drive to straight to Humboldt, but please follow the flaggers.
All seven suspects appeared in court together for the first time on Monday. The preliminary hearing is scheduled for mid-August.
An official statement says the workplace dispute ended with two deaths.
Head-on collision on Highway 101 near Laytonville.
UPDATE 4:15pm: CHP staff at the Garberville station confirmed that three people were transported to the hospital in Santa...
Caltrans digging trenches in San Diego, courtesy of Caltrans.
Caltrans will install conduit on priority projects to increase rural access.
The man was shot in the head, it is unclear if he is alive or dead. No information on the shooter is currently available.
A student reported that a stranger tried to coax her to get into his van, then followed her when she refused.
Building was home to a new restaurant that was gaining admiration in foodie circles.
MENDOCINO Co., 4/26/17 -- In a brief Facebook updated this afternoon CalTrans District 1 stated that they are "cautiously...
A Caltrans photo of the slide north of Leggett, which also took out the fence.
The slide is 6 miles north of Leggett and will be re-evaluated at daylight.
Bell Springs Road and Usal Road are also closed.
Photo of the Highway 1 slide from Caltrans' Facebook on the morning of Feb. 4.
Caltrans is unsure when the road will be cleared.

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The sheriff's office has confirmed the deceased was Jeffery Settler. A BOLO has been issued for Zachary Wuester, Frederick Gaestel, Gary Blank III, Gary Lynn Fitzgerald and Amanda Weist.
The alleged murderer, Zachary Wuester, had been in contact with a federal marshal who urged him to turn himself in. Several other suspects remain at large.
The woman's mother contacted the MCSO to explain that she was safe in the Bay Area. No suspects in the homicide have been apprehended.
The suspect, Zachary Wuester, was arrested Monday night and booked this morning.
Gary "Giggles" Lynn Fitzgerald was arrested November 25 in Ukiah for the murder of Jeff Settler. Photo from MCSO.
MCSO arrests Gary Fitzgerald for murder, the second arrest made in the Jeff Settler homicide that occurred outside Laytonville. Wiest is no longer a suspect and now considered a victim.
UPDATE: 1:25pmThe search for the suspects has ended. No victim or suspect has been found. No one has come...
The Department of Trimmigration
With outdoor harvest season starting up, traveling trimmers are creating tension in town, one man decided to provide some nifty guidelines in a public flyer.
Nishan Karassik of Phylos Bioscience (left) collected cannabis genetics from Kat Hart of Sohum Seeds and Chris Larson of Lost Coast Botanicals to add to the Phylos Galaxy-- an online, open-source three dimensional map of the lineage of each known strain. According to The Emerald Cup founder Tim Blake, all of this year's award winners will be added to the Phylos Galaxy.
Emerald Cup wins embolden boutique cannabis farmers to continue down uncertain road to cannabis compliance - a special report from Kerry Reynolds.
A series of 9.31 inspection gave a jolt of surprise to some prominent growers last week.
Head-on collision on Highway 101 near Laytonville.
UPDATE 4:15pm: CHP staff at the Garberville station confirmed that three people were transported to the hospital in Santa...
In which the columnist advocates against dinners on freeways, and other kinds of fast food.
The bill would prohibit state and local agencies from cooperating with federal enforcement efforts of people engaging in legal cannabis activity.
MENDOCINO Co., Nov. 28 -- The Mendocino County Sheriff's Office has released a statement on the arrest of Gary Fitzgerald,...
UPDATE 5:15pm: The CHP has released a statement on the incident, stating the driver, Jessi Preyer, was driving a...
At a hearing this morning Woodhouse was ruled legally unable to care for himself, and placed in a conservatorship; his wife will act as conservator.
Suspect Abdirahman Mohamed, taken into custody today. Photo courtesy of Kym Kemp.
Mohamed is the third suspect arrested in Settler's homicide; other suspects remain at large.
Before a packed house, the supervisors hammered out a few more details about the proposed medical cannabis cultivation ordinance. They could make a final decision by March 7.
Jesse Cole Wells
Jesse Cole Wells, a suspect in the killing of Laytonville resident Jeffrey Settler, was arrested today by South Lake Tahoe police, with assistance from the Mendo sheriffs
Drop off your mail-in ballot in this traffic circle box at 501 Low Gap Road in Ukiah or at any polling location around the county.
Measure AG is still too close to call, as are several council races across the county.
The Fort Bragg City Council race is a competitive one this year, with five local men vying for two empty seats. The Mendo Voice spoke with the candidates.
The vehicle chase appears to have started in Ukiah and wound up in Willits, the suspect is now in custody. He fire shots out the window, but police did not return fire.
Local support for Standing Rock isn't limited to adults. Check out this video from the Round Valley schools.
National Weather Service expects thunder, hail, high winds, and up to five inches of rain today.
On Sunday a panel of industry leaders discussed the impacts of legalization under Prop. 64, at the Mateel.
The shelter accepts people between the hours of 5pm and 7pm at Plowshares in Ukiah.
Cannabis in a light dep greenhouse.
COMMET, a special team that targets trespass grows, many of them identified by a DEA-sponsored aerial cannabis observation school, got the county’s blessing to apply for federal funding.
Supervisor Woodhouse's official portrait from the County's website.
The Mendo Voice sat down with Third District Supervisor Tom Woodhouse to talk about his recent absence, and where he plans to go from here.
Cannabis in a light dep greenhouse.
Without making any formal announcement, and without notifying all of the county supervisors, the sheriff’s office sent a letter sometime last week that appears to suspend substantial portions of the most recent set of rules for cannabis cultivation.
Supervisor Woodhouse's official portrait from the County's website.
Woodhouse also sent word that he would be taking a leave until Nov. 3.
PLEASE NOTE: You can check current updates of CHP incidents at their incident report page here. Reports in Mendocino...
The gate at the 128 was stil closed late in the evening November 14.
CalTrans, CHP, Motorist Reports:UPDATE: NOVEMBER 19As of 8:45pm, Caltrans has announced that Route 128 is now open. The waters...
Woodhouse was arrested at his home on Friday night, on a charge of misdemeanor domestic battery and resisting arrest. His arrest included a struggle during which he was tasered and had to be subdued.
A memorial will be held for Jude Nagle at Harwood Hall in Laytonville, Jan. 14, 2017, at 2 p.m.
A photo of some of Dow's searchers, who included agency representatives from five different counties, from Sheriff Tom Allman's Facebook page.
58 year old Mary Ann Dow was located around 1:30pm this afternoon.
Open casting call announcement for the HBO movie filming in Redwood Valley.
You can get paid to be one of the Mendocino faces on screen.
Allman presents to supervisors, BHAB members, and HHSA staff at a Jan. 23 joint meeting in Ukiah.
Sheriff Allman plans to send out deputies on mental health crisis calls only when the threat of violence is present.
UPDATE: 12:51pmCalFire had a crew on the fire over night, and has a crew there today. They are continuing...
The chase began because the suspect's car was believed to be involved in multiple burglaries. Speeds of over 100mph were reached, the Willits PD deployed a spike strip, the suspect fired on police, police did NOT return fire, and the chase was ended on foot.
The details of her death are unclear, and she had been missing for several days. A vigil will be held today at 6pm, at the Willits city park.
UPDATE Jan. 1, 2017:Mendocino Sports Plus is reporting that the body of the man who was lost at sea...
De'Shaun Davis has been named as the 20 year old homicide victim in the Nov. 21 shooting by Steven Ryan that took place in Ukiah.
The victim was described as a transient, semi-local. The suspect claimed self-defense, be has been booked and detectives believe the shooting may not have met the criteria for self-defense.
Willits City Councilperson Holly Madrigal writes about why she's supporting AF.
Visitors could check out the winners in the 215 area after the Golden Tarp awards event.
Here's our report on this year's light dep cannabis winners from The Golden Tarp Awards, now in its third year at the Mateel.
After much public discussion at the the Sept. 20 meeting, the Board passed a motion officially stating their opposition to AF, also know as the Heritage Initiative.
MENDOCINO Co., 1/12/17 -- One motorist is dead and another injured after their car ran off Hwy. 101 and...
This year’s emergency winter shelter is close to becoming a reality in Ukiah, a few blocks from free meals, and within sight of a bus stop.
WILLITS -- This situation is developing and we'll continue to update as more info becomes available. The CHP will...