Tamar Kaye, of Greenway distillery.

Get your local food and drink on in Redwood Valley: Taste of Redwood Valley and the Good Farm Fund Annual Winter Feast benefit fire relief

MENDOCINO CO., 11/16/17 — The skies may be grey and the days getting too short, but there’s still no shortage of the delicious local bounty available from Mendocino County’s farmers. While some local producers, such as Frey Vineyards, suffered losses after the fire, the local food community is raising funds to help farmers get back on their feet. You can help support them — while enjoying all the tasty things they have to offer — at two upcoming local events: the Taste of Redwood Valley this weekend, and the Good Farm Fund’s 4th Annual Winter Feast on Tuesday, December 5. The Taste of Redwood Valley is held twice a year, in the fall and spring, to celebrate the diverse vineyards and distilleries who make their home in Redwood Valley. It’s always a great chance to get a free taste — or stock up!

Sign at the Redwood Valley Grange.

Updated: Want to help? Here’s some fire fundraising resources and events

MENDOCINO CO., 11/01/31 -- People in Mendocino County are beginning to face the question of how to rebuild after more than 300 residences and over 38,000 acres were destroyed during the recent fires. In response to the devastation facing many local families, there are several different fire relief funds that have been established to help people get back on their feet. There are also a number of fundraisers planned for the coming month, where you can enjoy food and music, and contribute to helping your friends and neighbors begin to rebuild. We've put together some information here. Please let us know if we missed anything by commenting on this article, contacting us on Facebook, or emailing [email protected]