PG&E shutdown will start at 3 p.m Wednesday in Mendocino County — community center will open in Potter Valley — more fire weather forecasted for the weekend (updated 3 p.m.)

UPDATED 3 p.m. — PG&E has announced that they are expecting another possible bout of fire weather and high wind this weekend, beginning in some portions of California on Saturday and continuing through Monday, and are warning that they may decide to preform another preemptive in power shutdown. This possibility is still in the "elevated risk" category of their chart system. As of 3 p.m. Tuesday, the utility company has issued this weather forecast, which denotes the different potential levels for a power shutoff in different portions of the state. PG&E has put zones 2, 4 (which includes some portions of Mendocino County), and 5 on "elevated" watch for a potential power shutdown on Saturday, and starting Sunday, the company has put eight out of the state's nine zones on an elevated watch for a shutdown. Here's the company's seven day power shutdown graphic as of this afternoon; you can monitor the forecast at PG&E's weather webpage.