OPINION: A letter in support of Supervisor Woodhouse from Sonya Nesch


Letter to the Editor

Without Supervisor Woodhouse, Mendocino County Mental Health would still be wallowing in their cesspool with Ortner, and pouring much of the annual $27M down a rat hole. He has courageously provided leadership and hope to move forward. I am grateful that he speaks out publicly with the truth about the CEOs role in the demise of County Mental Health as in his Mendo Voice Interview http://www.mendovoice.com.

During the second half of his term, Supervisor Woodhouse will focus on reform of the Mental Health system among other important items.

We need multiple Psychiatric Health Facilities and for Measures AG and AH to pass. And, we must advocate powerfully to convince Camille Schraeder of Redwood Community Services that along with conventional mental health treatments we need neurofeedback and other options (see The Body Keeps the Score). Mendocino County gets enough money to provide a range of treatment and service options that go well beyond what we have now. However, we have to push Camille Schraeder to provide new and excellent services and that means Crisis Residential Treatment Centers Coast and Inland as well as Intensive Day Treatment Programs Coast, Inland, and Willits, with mobile programs in rural areas.

Supervisor Woodhouse can count on me to stand with him for wise use of Mental Health Funds for an array of exemplary treatments and services to support people with mental illness and their family members.

Sonya Nesch, Author

Advocating for Someone with a Mental Illness


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