Road conditions, Feb 13

Cloudy today, rain expected tomorrow evening.


MENDOCINO Co. 2/13/2017 — Rt 1 is still fully closed near Leggett, .5 mile south from South Fork Eel River Bridge and 1.45 south from Mill Bank Resort, due to slide removal.

Route 1 at the Garcia River reopened Friday, and it looks like the traffic cam is pointed toward the road now. CalTrans plans to implement a notification system for closures on that stretch of the road, starting in March. Here’s the plan:

The Garcia and Navarro rivers are way down this morning, according to USGS water data:

Garcia River, USGS
Navarro River, USGS


Looks a little cloudy today, but no rain predicted until Tuesday evening. Here’s today’s forecast, courtesy of the U.S National Weather Service:



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