Road conditions, Feb 15, logging road closed, Rt 1 at 128 closed

The logging road between Potter Valley and Lake Pillsbury is closed.


MENDOCINO Co. 2/15/2017 — UPDATE 9:30am

Rt 1 is fully closed at the junction with 128 east, due to bridge work that is expected to be finished this afternoon.

There are a few flagging operations in the northern part of the county. On the 101, just north of Leggett, at the Ca. Division of Forestry, there is a flagging operation for about a quarter of a mile due to emergency work.

Also on the 101, near Bowman Place north of Laytonville, from Rattlesnake Summit to Rd 307, there is a flagging operation due to drainage cleaning.

On 162 near Dos Rios, from Stewart’s to Above Hosea Creek, there is a flagging operation due to slide removal.

The logging road between Lake Pillsbury and Potter Valley is now closed. Here’s the Mendo County Dept of Transportation’s post, with contact info and an alternate route:

The sheriff reports that Fish and Wildlife choppers will be flying low near the eastern border of the county between February 16 and the 18. Fish and Wildlife is monitoring elk and deer in the area.

If you’re traveling near Harrison Grove in Low Gap park in Ukiah, stay away from this structure. There should be an emergency fence around it soon.

Covered picnic area at Harrison Grove, photo courtesy of sheriff’s FB page.

Rain and high winds are expected to start tonight. The National Weather Service predicts 1-2 inches of rain across the region, but does not expect rivers to reach flood stage. Here’s the forecast:

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  1. The road between Potter Valley and Lake Pillsbury is know open it’s been open for about 3 weeks now. If you could update your information that would be really great of you and we would appreciate it thank you soda creek store

    • Hello,

      Sorry if there is any confusion, but we were doing a daily road conditions post in the winter. Each post was clearly labeled with the day, and not meant to be permanent, or updated. I think that’s fairly clear from the headline, and the article. Part of writing news is realizing that things change, and that what you write one day, will be different the next. We cannot go back and rewrite old stories, no only would it be incredibly time consuming, it would be somewhat dishonest. If I rewrite this story, I’d have to rewrite approximately 90 others, just on this subject.

      Traditional newspapers don’t have this problem because you throw them away. On the internet you just have to look closely at the date.