Hwy. 175 will be closed during the day, Wed. and Thur.

Find an alternate route if you were planning to drive between Hopland and Lakeport on Wednesday and Thursday.


MENDOCINO Co., 2/5/18 — In a kind of traffic aftershock California Route 175 will be closed from 7am to 7pm on Wednesday Feb. 7 and Thursday Feb. 8, from the intersection with Buckman Dr. to the Mendo-Lake line, in order to remove a turned over big rig that flipped off the side of the road last week.

So don’t get caught by surprise! if you use this road to travel between Hopland and Lakeport make plans to take an alternate route.

Big Orange explained in an email and Facebook post that the semi-trailer will need to be emptied out first and then moved.

CA Route 175.

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