REACH copter performs emergency landing at Willits Airport

REACH copter performs emergency landing at Willits Airport

No one was injured.


WILLITS 4/25/18 — An air ambulance, REACH helicopter 18, had to perform an emergency landing at the Willits Airport today. While flying the pilot reported a strong fuel smell, and at about 7 p.m. preformed a safe emergency landing at the airport with a patient already on-board. No one was injured, and the copter was not damaged on landing.

The patient was transferred onto a CalStar helicopter, and taken to their destination. As a function of the emergency landing, per federal regulations, the airport was briefly closed. Being that there is not airport manager on site, the Willits Police Department contacted the Federal Aviation Administration and reopened the airport.

The emergency occurred during the meeting of the Willits City Council, and Little Lake Fire Chief Chris Wilkes, as well as Willits Police Chief Scott Warnock, promptly bolted out of the room to attend to the emergency.

They had returned to City Hall in time for their respective presentations to the Council.

By Adrian Fernandez Baumann, [email protected]

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