14 thoughts on “Gabe Smith turns himself in for attempted murder in Willits

  1. Finally he gets caught. Strutting around town like a jackass. Bragging about being in the “good ole boy” club and acting like an ass everywhere finally caught up to him.

    • Quit pretending you know what happened. It was self defense, and he was there to help a victim of domestic violence.

  2. Maybe this will send a strong message to folks who think they can just attack people : some people are armee and ready to defend themselves. Think twice whenever you are thinking of attackimg someone as you may just get shot in the gut like this “victim” whi was trying to attack Gabe. Good Job Gabe, we all have the right to protect ourselves against assailants, I believe Gabe will walk one the investigation shows this is self defence, just review the Gas Station Cameras.

  3. I’ve known Gabe for decades as a partner, roommate and friend . Maybe he struts his shit around; yes, he can be a jackass, but that doesn’t make him a cold blooded murderer. He’s a die hard, for sure. He’s protective, for sure. He’s loyal and honest, to be clear. When this woman asked him for help, he answered. Let’s keep in mind the character of the man he was protecting her from.

    • I think pulling a firearm and shooting an unarmed man speaks to character of the man you defend.

  4. Gabe’s no hero.. he’s a woman beater himself. He got caught with someone else’s woman, got scared when they confronted him and pulled a gun. Coward maneuver.

  5. yah, Typical Gabe style. Go steal someones girlfriend and start a bunch of shit he cant handle. What a total dueche bag. Some ppl are just born worthless. Like the other guy said……lock him up and throw away the key. Good Ridance to the garbage.

  6. He has been sleeping with her for at least 10 years .. I don’t know, it was the middle of the night why wasn’t Gabe home with his family?
    Why was he playing a “Hero” ?? Out cheating and they got caught by her violent pos tweeker bf..You mess with shit, you get it on you.
    The dope fiends have been in and out of court for years..gross.

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