Motorcyclist killed in head on collision on Hwy. 20

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10 thoughts on “Motorcyclist killed in head on collision on Hwy. 20

  1. the man that died in this accident was my brother Joe Harrison . he was a very good man with a kind heart and great love of his family,friends and animals .
    I not only lost my brother and best friend but all us lost a kind ,giving man .

    • Hi Jim, our condolences about the loss of your brother. If you would like to publish any obituary or memorial information we will publish it free of charge, which is our policy. You can get in touch at [email protected].

    • I am so sorry for the loss of your brother. Not here to make it worse for you, but I am from a nurse at the hospital that the driver Katie Smith was testing positive for drugs in her blood. Can’t stand drunk drivers and my thoughts are with your family during this trying time.

  2. I want to respond to post by “Sarah H” This person is not a nurse associated with AHUV. The information she claims to have is untrue and this post should be removed immediately.

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